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Old Wood Flooring – Plank Flooring and Residential End Grain Flooring

Old Wood began as a family wood business based on the Old family ranch in the Rocky Mountains North of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Since it’s beginning on the mountain, it has expanded to become a national level manufacturer and international exporter of fine wood floors including very wide planks, end grain wood blocks, and architectural elements.

Old Wood, Tongue and Groove Plank Flooring Room Setting

Old Wood Flooring – Residential Tongue and Groove Wood Flooring

This classic, elegant floor is by far Old Wood’s best seller. Made from either Douglas Fir or Ponderosa Pine, this is Old Wood’s in-house grade of fine character flooring. They do not remove high grade clears, but do include all of the wood that is derived from the sawing and drying. Character grade floor is still a number one grade, and all defects have been removed to give you the best look and quality. Consider this quality flooring for your home’s walls and ceilings as well.

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Old Wood Flooring, End Grain Panel Flooring in a Kitchen

Old Wood Flooring – Residential Wood End Grain Panels

End Grain is an exclusive floor. Installation costs and technical aspects limit its use to the most discerning projects. Old Wood has sold them around the world from Kuwait to Kuala Lumpur. Beautiful, varied, simple, strong, and economical due to its long life. This floor is an investment, game changer and a market-maker, not ‘tomorrows land fill today’.  This flooring is an icon of refinishable quality and use.

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Old Wood, End Grain Panels, Commercial Quality Flooring
Old Wood, End Grain Blocks Flooring

Old Wood Flooring – Residential Wood End Grain Flooring Blocks

​Old Wood is one of the nation’s largest end grain flooring manufacturers. Their end grain products come in a variety of species, shapes, and sizes. Some species work better than others, and certain species that make wonderful plank flooring might not necessarily be a good end grain product. Let Denver Hardwood help you choose the right floor for your home.  If you don’t see what you want, please ask. Your idea might be the new ‘big thing’.

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Old Wood, Very Wide Plank Flooring Room Setting

Old Wood Flooring – Very Wide Plank Wood Residential Flooring

​These floors are “all about custom”, so finishes are available in a wide array of textures and styles. You are the customer, and a qualified professional can finish your floor to your own special specifications. Museum grade treatments like circle sawn, wire brushed, cobbler finishes, hand planed or scraped are available and encouraged (see “Tongue and Groove” above for images of treatments). You know what your home needs, and this is where you get it.

​Very Wide Planks can be had up to 24” in width and up to 20’ long. The standard mix is 8-10-12-14-16-18” wide. Depending on stock, boards of 20 inches and wider are available without problem. Given time, Old Wood can provide even larger planks. The boards are generally 3’-11’ in length, although longer lengths are available on a custom basis.

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Old Wood, Very Wide Plank Flooring
Old Wood Flooring, Architectural Design Elements, Rusic Beams in a bar ceiling.

Old Wood Flooring – Architectural Design Elements for your Home

With your design, our help, and Old Wood’s processes, we can deliver nearly anything. We’d love to help you realize your design goals, especially when involving unique materials like wood blocks, fire reclaimed blue stained pine, desert Piñon, and others. With access to modern in-house welding and plasma cutter technology, incorporation of other materials like metals is simple. CNC machining and laser technology can also be used to add style to your design.

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green forest image to represent environmentally green flooring

Old Wood Green

Old Wood Flooring Green Compliance and Declaration

“Old Wood is dedicated to the sustainability, improvement, and proper utilization of our forests, both domestically and abroad. We hope that our model will build well- equipped, trained local capacity to the end of creating global markets for scientifically, socially and ecologically planned micro-forest industries. Our goal is to enable the locals to manage their own mountains and landscapes, and to help them realize profit and benefit so they won’t have to “eat the elephants” in those very backyards. Wood products are everywhere, and we look for the highest, best uses for the most available species in forms both attractive and useful to our sophisticated clientele.” – Old Wood Floors

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