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Residential Specialty Flooring, Mill Work and Wall Treatments

Specialty Flooring, Mill Work and Wall Treatments

End grain and reclaimed wood flooring is all the rage.  End grain flooring exposes the “rings” of the tree, and is usually made from smaller, dead trees as they are available.  Reclaimed wood flooring is the ultimate in eco-friendly flooring.  This flooring is salvaged from barns, factories, schools, and other, sometimes historic buildings.

Additional products available in this category are cork flooring and bamboo flooring.  These non-wood offerings provide yet another way for you to distinguish your home, your style and taste,  Most of the products in this category are suitable to use as wall treatments as their beauty and uniqueness truly qualifies them as works of art.

Selecting home elements from this category can be a large investment, however, the level of sophistication these elements bring to an interior make them a wise investment.

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Old Wood LLC is a national level manufacturer and international exporter of fine wood floors including very wide planks, end grain wood blocks, and architectural elements.

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